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Step 1

Collect ESG data and edit reports in a fast and easy way

Benefit from our user friendly platform to collect quality data from your participations

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Carbon emissions - Scope 1

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Answer 2
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SFDR - Periodic report - 2023
General informations
ESG informations
Carbon emissions - Scope 1
3.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
2.0 / 5
3.5 / 5

Step 2

Evaluate ESG risks and opportunities of your investment portfolio

Benchmark the ESG KPIs of your participations and evaluate the ESG risks of your portfolio

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Step 3

Improve your collaboration with your participations

Boost cooperation with your portfolio companies by turning ESG constraining reporting in value creation opportunities.

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What they say about us

"Today, there are many possibilities to carry out extremely complete diagnoses, but they have weaknesses: - Not taking into account the specificities of the company's size, sectors, products and services. - Not able to consolidate all existing impact & sustainability reference frameworks. The Good Circle value proposition is therefore a useful tool for consultant firms."

There is value for portfolio companies and the Fund if we can go beyond a purely regulatory exercise of collecting ESG data and reward companies for their efforts. This will put them on a positive trajectory to access better financing conditions, to recruit engaged people, and to improve their brand image. And it will improve the ESG performance of the Fund.

The technology alone cannot fully meet the strategic objectives of a company. There is a need for human intervention, supported by tools and services available on the Good Circle platform.

Dedicated impact experts to guide you through your sustainability journey

To address a topic as complex as sustainability, coupling technology with human intervention is crucial.

With Good Circle, access an ecosystem of qualified experts to support you at each step of your journey towards impact.

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